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Dispose of your camera, not your memories

This past Memorial Day weekend I took a trip to Nags Head, North Carolina with my boyfriend, a couple of his friends, and their wives. While I was packing and preparing I came up with the idea to buy a couple of disposable cameras to take pictures throughout the weekend. I did This because I didn't want to be so obsessed with taking photos and immediately posting them to social media.

With iPhones and digital cameras we have the ability to delete the photos that we don’t deem perfect, or that “don't fit into our aesthetic”. It’s all a part of the toxic culture of unrealistic perfection that social media creates.

I bought the cameras as a way to capture authentic moments and memories without creating unnecessary anxiety and stress for myself. I didn’t want to throw away my memories. Also, the sense of anticipation as I wait for the photos to be developed is nostalgic and familiar. I don’t even remember what photos are on the camera but I’m excited to see the memories we made.

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