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Exploring Belle Isle: Quarantine+Memorial Day Weekend

Virginia is finally starting to ease lockdown restrictions and things are kind of getting back to "normal" or at least a new normal. I've pretty much came to terms with the fact that my summer plans will consist of more local activities that we can do outside while also socially distancing from others.

We were hoping to be a little more social and go kayaking this weekend but the weather did not get the memo. It rained ALL WEEK LONG which made the river extremely high and not safe for water activities. Instead we decided to check out Belle Isle. It was super cool and some much needed mental health maintenance. The hike was about 4 miles long, but the trail was easy (which is right up my alley.)

We can't wait to go back again when the weather is better and create more memories. Check out my short vlog made from video I took. I hope you like it!

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