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It's all about Skims...

If you’re into fashion, or reality TV, by now you’ve probably heard of SKIMS. It’s Kim Kardashian‘s line of inclusive shapeware and loungewear. Enter and I’m not gonna lie, I've been intrigued by this brand since it launched a couple of years ago. Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but she is a businesswoman, a creative, and an all-around badass in my opinion. Anyone that can take a bad situation and turn it into a literal goldmine is goals for me.

I wanted to purchase some items from her line for the longest time. However, as you can imagine her line is very expensive. Well, it’s not unrealistically expensive but not many people I know have $40 to spend on one pair of underwear, or $120 to spend on a robe. So for the past few months I’ve been eyeing a couple of pieces from the collection and set money aside so I could purchase my first piece. Since most of her items are on limited release I decided to go with a bodysuit from the shapewear collection in the color “Clay”

This piece was $62 and took about a week from ordering to be delivered to my house. First thought is that I love the packaging. It comes in a very non-descriptive box, but when you open it you clearly see that SKIMS branding. When I first pulled the bodysuit out of the box I kind of gasped because it was so tiny.

After trying it on it literally fit like a glove, and was so comfortable. It didn’t squeeze me to where unflattering skin was showing but it kept everything in. Also, everything in this line is seamless so that’s also a plus, and my body didn’t feel restrictive.I feel like I can wear this bodysuit under a summer dress or a sundress and still feel comfortable and chic. I think this is a brand I can stick to when it comes to shapeware and I’m really excited to try out some other pieces.

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