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Lets talk about confidence...

I’ve struggled with accepting my body my entire life. When I was younger I was the fat sister, the fat cheerleader, and the fat friend. Once, this guy I was OBSESSED with in high school called me Shamu. It was humiliating. My weight made me feel unworthy. I knew it, and from the way I carried myself, everyone else knew it to.

It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties that I REALLY discovered that my body can do amazing things, and that I needed it love and respect it as such; NO MATTER WHAT the scale says, or what the size I wear. I’m not saying I don’t still struggle with anxiety over my weight, but I no longer let it consume me or my life. I’m going to enjoy my life AT whatever size I am.

So here’s my advice:

Don't let other people's insecurities and shallow spirits rub off on you and make you feel less than or bad about yourself.

Love and accept yourself for exactly who you are. Your happiness will piss off the people around you that don’t have the confidence to be themselves. I’m not saying it’s easy, or even possible to do every second of every day, but it’s worth it. And remember, most of the people who complain about how you do things and how you live your life don’t have the courage to get off their ass and figure out who they really are.

So girl, do yo thang.

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