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Some Sweet Ideas For Valentine's Day

If you’re not a total Grinch, then Valentine’s Day can and should be a fun and festive day to celebrate all the love in your life. Whether or not you are in a relationship, there are people in your life that love you immensely. That alone is reason to celebrate. If you need a little help with finding simple things to help you get into the festive mood, try out these easy, fun, and cheap ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day:

  • Make yourself a huge heart-themed breakfast

  • Wear a festive outfit to work

  • Make valentines for your favorite coworkers

  • Send digital valentines to friends from other cities

  • Read a romantic short-story

  • Tell each person you love that you love them

  • Say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to people you cross paths with that day

  • Plan and cook a fancy dinner, or a dinner at a restaurant

  • Do a Valentine’s Day craft or art project

  • Watch a cheesy rom-com

  • Snuggle in bed with the your person

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